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About Company

The company Isoroc Polska S.A was founded in 2004. It is a producer of the highest quality ecological products of mineral wool. The wool as a natural , nonorganic product is obtained by melting rocks – basalt and gabbro. It provides an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and high fire resistance. Isoroc Polska strengthens its young brand on the market through a wide range of top quality insulation products applied in the construction industry.

The headquarter of capital group Isoroc is located in Austria. The company takes pride in a long-standing experience of production and sale on the Russian market (where it also has a factory) as well as in sale on the demanding EU markets.  Isoroc Polska S.A is a producer of a wide range of mineral wool products which are applied in numerous construction elements in the building industry ensuring improved energetic and acoustic effectiveness, and fire protection.

Our products greatly contribute to energy saving thanks to their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, and high fire resistance. They help to create a pleasant atmosphere indoors, ensure fire safety, and improve the comfort of living.  Constant high quality of our products is  ensured by current checks in our specialist quality laboratory, CE mark for all our products, and quality certificates in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.