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Product description:
Shredded wool designed for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation of:

  1. ventilated flat roofs,
  2. cavity walls,
  3. useless attic on a concerete ceiling.

Shredded wool ISOLOOSE is packaged into plastic bags to average weight of 10 kg

- high insulation value,
- high thermal comfort of insulated rooms,
- efficacy in avoiding of formation of thermal bridges,
- non-flammable (increase fire resistance of the building),
- low diffusion resistance ensuring "free breathing" of partitions, preventing their dampness,
- produced of natural raw materials,
- resistant to chemical and biological corrosion.

Insulation of attic
1.Plaster plate
3.Air cavity



Product code

(it describes the declared levels or classes of the product properties)

 Declared properties of the product in accordance to PN-EN 13162Measure unitValues
Declared thermal conductivity λD
[W/mK] ≤0,039
Susceptibility to sedimentation of the material in loose state % ≤1
Thermal resistance of fibres [oC] 750
Water absorption by partial immersion [kg/m2] ≤1
Reaction to fire class A1
Hydrophobic Do not absorb moisture

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