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Important technical news

1. The compressive stress at 10% deformation is increased for ISOROOF-T d=40 mm with CS(10)60 kPa

2. ISOROOF is now available at thickness ranges:

ISOROOF d=50-99 mm with CS(10)50 kPa
ISOROOF d=100-150 mm with CS(10)60 kPa

3. ISOFAS-P is now available at three thickness ranges:
ISOFAS-P d=20-49 mm with CS(10)20
ISOFAS-P d=50-99 mm with CS(10)40
ISOFAS-P d=100-200 with CS(10)50


We increased the tensile strength perpendicular to faces:

ISOFAS d=50-200 mm from TR 7,5 kPa to TR 10 kPa.

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