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Product description:
Plates of mineral wool for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation of:
1. non-ventilated flat roofs with concrete or steel structure as a top layer in two-layer ISODACH
insulation system together with base coat layer ISOPANEL - D

- versatility of use with other base coat insulation plates,
- excellent mechanical parameters and enhanced pfysical parameters,
- non-flammable, excellent protection against fire,
- hydrophobized (do not absorb moisture),
- easy in assembly and processing,
- using together with base coat plate allows to avoid firmation of thermal bridges,
- ensure proper thermal comfort.

Insulation of flat roof in two-layer ISODACH system
1.Concrete floor
2.Vapour insulation
5.Top roofing paper


Product code (it describes the declared levels or classes of the product properties) MW-EN 13162-T3-DS(TH)-TR15-PL(5)500-WS-CS(10)60-MU1-WL(P)
Declared properties of the product in accordance to PN-EN 13162 Method of testing
Measure unit Levels or tolerances
Codes of classes or levels Values
Length (class of dimensional tolerance) PN-EN 822 [%] [-] ± 2
Width (class of dimensional tolerance) [%] [-] ± 1,5
Thickness class<100 mm PN-EN 823 [mm/%] T3 - 3mm / + 10%
Thickness class≥100 mm [%/mm] - 3% / + 10mm
Dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditions PN-EN 1604 [%] DS(TH) ± 1,0 (change in thickness, length and width)
Dimensional stability under specified temperature and humidity conditions [mm/m] ± 1 (change in flatness)
Tensile strength perpendicular to faces PN-EN 1607 [kPa] TR 15 ≥ 15
Point load at 5mm deformation EN 12430 [N] PL(5)500 ≥ 500
Short term water absorption PN-EN 1609 [kg/m2] WS ≤ 1,0
Compressive stress at 10% deformation PN-EN 826 [kPa] CS(10)60 ≥ 60
Water vapour diffusion resistance factor PN-EN 12086 [-] MU1 ≤ 1
Long term water absorption by partial immersion PN-EN 12087 [kg/m2] WL(P) ≤ 3,0
Declared thermal conductivity λD PN-EN 12667 [W/mK] [-] ≤ 0,039
Reaction to fire class PN-EN 13501-1 A to F Euroclass A1
Apparent density PN-EN 1602 [kg/m3] [-] 175

Declared thermal resistance RD for respective thicknesses of the product

Thickness [mm]
Thermal Resistance RD [m2 K/W]

Dimensions and packaging

DescriptionUnit of measurementISOROOF-T
Thickness of board [mm] 40
Dimensions of board Length [mm] 2000
Width [mm] 1200
Number of boards on a pallet [pcs.] 28
Coverage area of boards on a pallet [m2] 67,20
Volume of a boards on a pallet [m3] 2,688

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